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Start Out Right in the New Year

Are you looking for something to do for the New Year? Want to do something with the family? Get the New Year started out right by participating in the “3rd Annual Friends of Galveston Island State Park New Year Fun Run”.

The “3rd Annual Friends of Galveston Island State Park New Year Fun Run” will take place on January 5th, 2013. The event will offer a 5K & 10K course; fun run will begin at 9:00am with the runners….the walkers will begin shortly after them. There will be refreshments offered and prizes handed out. You’ll also receive a t-shirt and a “goodie-bag”. It’s a family friendly event, kids are more than welcome! Once the prizes have been given out, just enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Take in what Galveston Island State Park has to offer. Their mission is to Improve the park’s facilities, protect it’s wildlife, to preserve and restore its fragile environment.

If you register before December 28th, a $20 dollar fee will be required for each participant. The day after December 28th the fee will go up to $25. Registration can be made here:


Happy Holidays!

The holidays have come upon us. I don’t know about you, but this year seemed to go by slow up until Halloween time. Ever since then everything feels to go by so fast. I’m currently in school, and I’m at the end of the semester. It crept up on me. I have so much school work to finish. That’s why this site has been neglected some. I apologize to those who have visited recently.

I would like to show you some Holiday Events around my side of town. I will work on getting some for the other big cities of Texas.  The Christmas season is one of my favorite times of year. Cool weather shows up this time of year (It doesn’t get cold in Houston).

Greater Houston Area Holiday Events

The Woodlands – Check out Holiday in the Woodlands.


  • Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens – check out the website for the current schedule. The lights are a nightly event, but there are other events such as the Magical Christmas Dinner.
  • Dickens on the Strand – This has to be one of my favorite places to go during the holidays, but due to my schedule I was not able to go this year. You will travel back in time to the era of Charles Dickens. You will see people dressed up in the Elizabethan era clothing. You will hear choirs caroling up and down the Strand District. A must see. Only comes to town for one weekend a year.


  • Discovery Green – Ice skate in downtown Houston at discovery green. Check it out at ICE at Discovery Green.
  • Memorial City Mall Light Show – do a little Christmas shopping then catch the daily light show.
  • Houston Zoo Lights is the newest attraction this year. Check it out this holiday season.

More to come! Hopefully

Merry Christmas to all!

A Few of Upcoming Events

I have not been able to dedicate myself much lately to this blog. BUT I have been coming across some events that are occurring soon in a few cities around Texas.


The Texas State Fair begins. The theme this year is BIG & BRIGHT. I have never been, but I hope to do so one day. There are concerts and fried food. It is Fried Food capital for about a week. This year they have created Fried Jambalaya. mmmm…Good! I think. Anything fried you can think of the people at the State Fair may have tried to fry. Other things to check out at the fair are the museums and theater events. The Addams Family musical will be playing this upcoming week starting Oct. 2. Visit the Chinese Lantern Festival. If you like college football, then try to get tickets for the UT Longhorns vs. OU – Sooners game — AT&T Red River Rivalry. Check it out if you will be in the Dallas area anytime this week. You can find more information on the Texas State Fair website.


Austin will be holding its annual Austin City Limits Music Festival. For the music enthusiast, this is a weekend-long festival filled with music of all sorts. People from across the country venture to Austin to partake in the amazing festival. The only problem is – it appears that the tickets are sold out for this event. I’m sure if you look hard enough or have connections then you will be able to get in. This is a must see event if you ever get the chance.  KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD!


A couple of upcoming events in Houston are: The Greek Festival and The Italian Festival. These two events are separated by about a week.

The Greek festival begins Oct. 4. Enjoy everything Greek – Food, music, people, etc. 1-Day tickets are $20 and it includes: admission and dinner plate (excluding gyros….sad I know). This event takes place at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Houston. You can find more information — food choices, event info, etc. on their website.

The Italian Festival, or FESTA ITALIANA, begins Oct. 11, taking place at University of St. Thomas, in the montrose/neartown district of Houston. This event is one of my favorite because I like the Italian culture. The italian cultural center has host mini cooking classes with one of the local italian chefs. There is a pasta eating and grape stomping contest. Play in a Bocce ball tournament. If anything else just come for some food. The money raised help the Italian cultural center give out scholarships to Italian studies students and other educational programs. More information is found on their website. If anyone goes, let me know. I may be around one of the days.

Endeavour – An Amazing Bird

This past week Houston got to see an amazing bird!


Although the city was not happy with the outcome of where all the space shuttles end up, we at least got an opportunity to see one up close. Space shuttle Endeavour, on its way to California, made a fly over and an overnight stay here in Space City Houston.  The space shuttle parked overnight at Ellington Field. A couple of thousand of people made the trek to Clear Lake City/Webster area in the Houston Metroplex. I was one of them.

Before going to class, I made the trip to see this shuttle. People parked as far as 2 miles away from the entrance to the tarmac. It was a well worth trek. The shuttle is an amazing bird on top of another amazing bird that is transporting it. I like planes, love flying, and this was just an overwhelming, once in a lifetime experience.

From only 100 yds away, I took several pictures. People were taking in this experience. NASA people, I’m sure, were happy to see up close something that many of them worked on/for in one way or another. For the city itself, being command central, the city was pleased and thankful that NASA gave us this opportunity (I Hope).

What is a place to visit when you come to Houston? Head down to Webster, TX to the Johnson Space Center. It is like the Disney, maybe ????, of anything astronaut and space. They do have a mock shuttle that you can walk in and see the astronaut environment. This is the only place in the nation that you can see this. There you go. For all astronauts and space enthusiasts –  this is a must see.


Here are a couple of pictures I took of the shuttle. Enjoy.




To Go or Not To Go — That is the question

Every summer the city of Houston, in association with the University of Houston, hold the annual Houston Shakespeare Festival.  Since the beginning the festival has entertained almost 500,000 people who come all sorts of places.  This is a great family event to go to, or make a family day out of it by first visiting one of the museums in the area.  All you need is a blanket or couple of chairs to sit on the hill.

There are two productions/plays put on each summer. Go out to Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann park to watch either Hamlet or The Comedy of Errors. These are both great plays sure to bring an evening of great entertainment.

So here are the details:

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